So, apparently, you already, likely, understood

So, apparently, you already, likely, understood Usually in these cases the doctor speaks about ny candles.

Such candles emphasize once again weight of the adaptable period.

So, apparently, you already, likely, understood that adaptation of the child to conditions of the environment new to it zhely and disease process.

Process, soprovozhdayuEgo Majesty Child!.

a number of negative shifts in the children's organism, mentioning its all levels.

Now you know that about proceeds at the child with behavior, the reasons of its change.

It became clear to you that to all responsible a stress.

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Listen to the body

Listen to the body If within weeks and even months you had no problems with feedin and suddenly there was a nagrubaniye, track, whether you do everything correctly when feedin or accept it as a signal that the domestic surroundings became adverse, you overtire.

Listen to the body it tries to tell to you something.

IT IS NECESSARY TO BE ABLE TO RELAX I am the uneasy person.

How to me to relax during feeding by a breast The hormone has calming effect, however emotsioa nalny or physical stress the fatigue, pains, an illness can reduce development of oxytocin, a hormone influencing formation of milk, and to block process of stay of milk.

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In imitation

In imitationIn the first romantic love to parents usually girls draw themselves near fathers, and boys are closer to mothers.

In imitation of the child parents of the floor this regularity changes and girls already are Diagnostics of a family closely to mothers, and boys closely to fathers.

And the parent adored by the child, is not drawn with contours and strokes, and appears literally to details.

When the child for some reason, suddenly drawing itself near the emy parent, involuntarily between this row leaves cost an interval, most likely, this interval a zheniye of a barrier invisible to us between two loving people.

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Do not try to correct

Do not try to correct Besides, try to address to the child by name, thereby you not only will show, how the name of the person for him is important, but also will help the kid to learn to address by name to other people.

Do not try to correct speech of the child especially.

Remember that heads ache the speech purpose at this age idea transfer, instead of words is.

The most part of speech of the child till years remains obscure.

Also it is holes malno.

Kids very often simply experiment various sounds, without any specifications.

They as though accumulate language information then to splash out it, often unexpectedly, in the whole set of well clear words and even offers.

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Step by stepDuring

Step by stepDuring Is able to pull tights, footwear though confuses the left and right shoes.

By fivesix years he will learn to string together footwear.

Step by stepDuring vestments mother needs to show to the child as it is correct to put on things, in what sequence.

It is necessary to speak thus Let's put on shorts, then stockings at first.

Now Tshirt, shirt.

Show me as you are able to put on.

Well done When clothing it is necessary to adhere to the main condition it is necessary to learn to put on the child all things correctly from the very beginning and to direct on this his attention.

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